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2525 Wallingwood Drive, Bldg. 1, Ste.124,
Austin, Texas, 78746
United States of America

About Melanie Ann Murray

My focus is grounded in a psycho-spiritual understanding of what it means to be a fully embodied human being. I am a licensed professional counselor, with training in Depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a Jungian based psychotherapy school that uses mythology and mysticism as tools for excavating the soul. I am a certified yoga and pilates teacher and retired professional ballet dancer and choreographer. My psychotherapy style is a marriage of Depth oriented, psychoanalytic theory, based in the work of C .G. Jung and my spiritual awakening in “Being”, which has evolved through the study of the Chakras, the “Work” of Gurdjieff, the Enneagram, studies in Sufism, my own healing through psychotherapy, and a nineteen year meditation and yoga practice. I have done intensive work in a psychiatric hospital on the trauma unit, where I counseled suicidal patients.I lived with chronic depression from childhood and most of my adult life. Energy work and spiritual practice, as well as, psychotherapy, helped me emerge from an extended dark night journey. My own depression was an initiation into the Wounded Healer, that is becoming a therapist and spiritual director, as a result of finding my own path to wholeness. I have practiced many spiritual traditions to understand Truth, hence, I can work with people of all faiths and belief systems. I conduct transformational workshops to assist people in understanding this depth journey and discover the questions that lead to answers that navigate their recovery into a new life of meaning and heart-full purpose. I have completed Diane Poole-Heller's DARE 1 and DARE 2 trainings for treating Attachment Disorders and Relationships from and Somatic Model. I have 5 years experience in an Energy Healing Touch modality, I have experience working energetically with clients who are HSP (highly sensitive) and environmentally sensitive.


  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • LGBT
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Grief and Loss
  • Medical Procedure Trauma
  • Adults abused as children
  • Complex PTSD
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Developmental Trauma

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University of Spiritual Healing Certificate in Ministry

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(512) 573-3381


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