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São Paulo

About Monica Simionato

Monica is a consultant, professor and writer about leadership through emotional intelligence.

As an Italian anthropologist and master journalist, Monica lives in Brazil where she works primarily for international companies with the aim to develop leadership programs and human awareness. She is trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), anger management, emotional intelligence, and andragogy. She has taught in Italian, French, and Swedish universities and she is currently professor of leadership in the prestigious FVG (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) and UNESP (Sao Paulo State University) in São Paulo, Brazil.

Monica is curious and willing learner. She has traveled all over the world, living in Italy, India, France, and Belgium and has studied various civilizations dating back to the Stone Age in order to understand teachings applicable to our world. A polyglot, Monica is the author of several books published in Italy and Brazil about leadership and emotions and about the emotional factors in negotiations.

Monica encountered SE years ago during a path of self-exploration and she was astonished by how this simple practice works immediately to bring more peace and awareness. She considers SE to be a gift to humanity, a blissful tool that everyone can access. She hopes SE may benefit many people and organizations to create a better world starting from our inner body-soul.

Monica is currently attending the SE Professional Training in São Paulo. She loves nature and practices yoga and dynamic meditations.

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