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2509 Browncroft Blvd
Suite 226
Rochester, New York, 14625
United States of America

About Pamela Pollack

Getting a whiplash injury a few years ago began a journey of personal healing and discovery for me. Through this process, I found a whole new world of learning about my body on both a scientific and experiential level. I learned that how my body and my brain function can be deeply transformed. Research in neuroscience and other fields over the past 15 years has illuminated how we can optimize our body-brain balance. I found that bodywork, along with movement and mindfulness practices, gave me the capacity to relate with my life experiences in a whole new way.My path soon led to massage therapy school, where I gained a foundation of knowledge about anatomy and physiology, and became fascinated with the leading-edge neuroscientific understanding of chronic pain and its treatment. I learned about the connection between un-discharged trauma, chronic pain and other chronic conditions. My Somatic Experiencing training has added a new dimension to my personal mindfulness practice and to my work with clients. I specialize in bodywork for people who struggle with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. I am passionate about applying what I have learned to help my clients heal using mindful bodywork and increasing awareness of feelings from the body. I love teaching the tools and techniques I have found helpful for developing a new response to life’s challenges.


  • Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia

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Practitioner in Training

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Licensed Massage Therapist

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(585) 943-3974


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