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Florianópolis, SC

About Russell Jones

While studying psychology at the University of Colorado in 1975, Russell Jones was offered the rare possibility of doing a traditional apprenticeship with Koichi Kashiwaya a Japanese master of mind – body coordination and Ki-Aikido. After 5 years of intensive training he went to Japan to study with the premier teacher in the world Koichi Tohei. The intense physical and mental presence required for the practice helped him to deal with the traumatic effects of a severe head injury suffered as an adolescent.Some years later Russell met Peter Levine and discovered a powerful and complementary way to work with trauma – Somatic Experiencing. The experience of working with his own near death experience through SE changed his life and has given great inspiration for helping others to work with their traumas. Together with SE faculty member, Lael Keen, he operates a healing and learning center on the island of Santa Catarina off the south coast of Brazil where they work with SE and teach SE trainings. With Pedro Prado, Sonia Gomes, and Cornelia Rossi, Russell and Lael founded SE Brazil, a Brazilian non-profit association, with the goal of bringing Somatic Experiencing and the work of Peter Levine to all regions of Brazil.

SE Level

SE™ Practitioner – SE™ Faculty

Professional Title:

Certified Ki Lecturer, Co-Founder of the Brazilian SE Association (ABT- Associação Brasileira do Trauma)

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