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Ariel Carson

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41 Union Square
New York, New York, 10003
United States of America

About Ariel Carson

Gain improved support, freedom and vitality through embodied mindfulness. Using gentle touch, and verbal guidance, my work is based on the principles of the Alexander Technique and Somatic Experiencing.  I currently work with, and am passionate about helping artists,veterans, activists, the LGBTQ community, Highly Sensitive People, under-served and systemically oppressed communities, and anyone else interested in navigating the complexities of this life with greater resilience, sustainability, and ease. Specific conditions I address with clients include but are not limited to: anxiety, stress, chronic pain, chronic overwhelm, chronic fatigue, migraines, insomnia, acute and chronic trauma.    


  • Veterans
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • LGBT
  • Addiction
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Grief and Loss
  • Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia

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SE™ Practitioner

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(917) 387-4931


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