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16 Center Street
Suite 327
Northampton, Massachusetts, 01060
United States of America

About Mark Vecchio

The mission of Conscious Somatic Coaching is to help people with ADHD and its related symptoms bring their heart, mind, and body into more spacious, energetic alignment—literally to get their self together and live with more freedom.


Struggling with self-defeating patterns over time can lead to feeling trapped and hopeless. Repeated experiences of “not living up to potential” might feel like evidence that you will inevitably betray yourself, despite your best intentions and obvious gifts. It becomes easy to conclude that “something’s wrong” with you intrinsically, or that you are somehow “not enough” to cope with a life that is becoming too complicated or going too fast, or both.


You are not trapped. In fact, your own system possesses an innate capacity to free itself. Somatic coaching helps you do just that.


Dysregulation manifests as a disorganization of (1) thoughts, (2) feelings, and (3) physical actions. Each of these three goes its own way. Thoughts become distracted, dark, hyperfocused, daydreamy, critical, judgmental. Feelings become agitated, overwhelming, disconnected, tinged with shame. Actions go rogue: avoidant, lethargic (unmotivated), impulsive, procrastinating, time‑wasting.


Somatic Experiencing coaching engages your mind, your heart, and your body in conscious conversation with each other, bringing body (Somatic = body) and mind (Experiencing = awareness of activity) into harmony. You become able to harness and guide your attention without having to force it. You develop the internal space to experience your feelings as a gentle stream instead of as an overwhelming flood.


Somatic coaching’s integration of bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions makes its positive effects profound and lasting. It is naturally organizing at the deepest levels of your system. You reconnect with your motivation. You create and sustain your own successful experiences. When life strategies arise, they arise organically—and powerfully—from within you.


By design somatic coaching is gradual, non-invasive, restorative. It is grounding, expanding, embodying, integrative. It is not something you have done to you; rather, we work together as equal partners, with full understanding of what we are doing and how it works every step of the way.


I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, so I understand the symptoms from the inside and know what it takes to cope with and heal them.


My other interests include the evolution of consciousness, contemplative spirituality, mythology, theatre, and creative writing. I have led pilgrimages to ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Delphi, and Ephesus. I’ve worked as a systems analyst, practiced Aikido, and


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Professional Certified Coach; Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

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