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300 S Beverly Drive
Suite 412
Beverly Hills, California, 90212
(Southern California)
United States of America

About Richard Oelberger



Dr. Oelberger  is a licensed Psychologist based in Los Angeles. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology through the Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, with an emphasis in Spirituality and Consciousness. He holds ACT board certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a Certification in Sports psychology- having trained with a Navy Seal in order to target emotional obstacles to performance amongst athletes. Dr.Oelberger has attained the rank level of Shodan, in Shaolin kempo martial arts and was awarded this rank in the Shaolin temple in Deng Feng, China in the summer of 2013.

Richard has a book published on the integration of spirituality and psychology entitled, “Qualitative Kabbalah: The Value of Living a Spiritual System”. His Master’s thesis focused on Treatment and understanding of Post -Traumatic Stress disorder, specifically cultural and historical trends and implications for treatment.

For the last five years, Dr. Oelberger devoted his time to the public mental health system in Los Angeles. Most recently, focusing on eliminating homelessness and traumatic responses on Skid Row, an area embodied with stress and dysregulation by utilizing cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral strategies to reduce suffering and self-harm. Previously, Dr Oelberger spent 10 to 20 hours a day attempting to prevent school related issues of violence by serving as a crisis responder to those threatening to harm self or others throughout the LA Unified school and foster care system of Los Angeles. He partnered with LAPD officers as part of the elite SMART team to reduce the maltreatment of individuals with mental illness or threatening to take their own lives so as to protect lives and preserve dignity in times of crisis. Most recently, Dr. Oelberger has enrolled in an Advanced Level of Somatic Experience training, to help people restore their own systems of neurobiology through restorative processes of healing.

Richard Oelberger, PhD offers a unique style of psychology differentiating him amongst traditional forms of psychology, integrating a model of psychology combining Somatic and body oriented psychotherapy with mindfulness and spiritual approaches.



He offers treatment for:




Addiction and Recovery Issues

Relationship Issues

Stress Reduction Skills

Performance Enhancement Visualization Skills and Meditation

Mind/Body Training

Transformational Character Development


  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Addiction
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Homeless
  • Grief and Loss
  • Adults abused as children
  • Complex PTSD

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CERT, CBT, Sports

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(310) 490-6733


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(310) 388-1720


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