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Maggie  Horton-Brande, SEP, CMT

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San Francisco, California, 94114
(Northern California)
United States of America

About Maggie Horton-Brande, SEP, CMT

I support adult clients in healing from chronic stress, symptoms related to traumatic events and developmental experiences, chronic dullness or tiredness, and the stress of lives isolated from community and nature. Individuals I work with develop the ability to settle their nervous system as well as do safe and effective work with the root cause of their symptoms. I look through a systems perspective that takes into account our moment-to-moment attention, the current state of our nervous system, our family and cultural lineage, our general experience of the world and systems of oppression and privilege. 

I am a strong LGBTQI ally and honor all gender expressions and identities.

I also support clients who are engaged in intensive spiritual practice and are looking for a therapeutic, grounding addition to their path.

My practice is based strongly on the principles of the Organic Intelligence model, which works with the nervous system's optimal learning thresholds- in plain language that just means increasing one's capacity to experience what life has in store (increasing resiliency) without needing repeated, catharsis-oriented healing experiences. Organic Intelligence/OI is a clinical protocol related to Somatic Experiencing that emphasizes the relearning of presence and enjoyment, reenlivening our lives while working with trauma in a sustainble but powerful way. 


  • Adults
  • LGBT

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Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist (license #58496)

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(503) 333-5600


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