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San Luis Obispo/Los Osos, California, 93402
(Central California)
United States of America

About Beverley De Witt-Moylan

Many people are accustomed to, and often comfortable with, a relationship with a healer that involves surrender of their personal power. They want to "be healed" of various physical symptoms or harmful behaviors or habits without being personally involved. Some prefer to take a pill and continue with their customary patterns often becoming entrapped in a cycle of chronic, recurring, and new symptoms with more appointments and more medications, each with its own side effects. True Healing requires our involvement in and commitment to healing the sources of our symptoms. We must sometimes make fundamental life changes in order to create the conditions for healing. My focus is on those who wish not merely to alleviate symptoms but also to control their healing process, to make the necessary changes that end the cycle of symptoms and create a lifetime of well being. As a Special Education Teacher for 29 years I have extensive experience in assessment and evaluation, in meeting individual needs, and in designing individualized programs. My Special Education background affords me a unique perspective on and interest in the pervasive role of trauma in the special needs community and an awareness of the importance of addressing trauma resolution in those with special needs, their families, caregivers, teachers, and service providers. The foundation of my practice is my belief that we all have special needs. But we also possess the potential to alter patterns that deplete our energy and interfere with our ability to experience our lives fully. All of us can become more present in and attentive to our lives and to those around us by discovering where we truly reside and by learning to inhabit our bodies more completely in the here and now. The Well Being session synthesizes my experience in education, energy healing, Tibetan Cranial work, hypnotherapy, and Somatic Experiencing® to address individual needs. In a talk format, or combined with hands-on seated or table work (when appropriate, with permission, and fully clothed), my clients come to understand how their histories and experiences affect their bodies, their lives, and their beliefs about themselves and others. By integrating traumatic events they gain insight into how the mind and body work together to create a world view and understand how that worldview in turn affects their thoughts and actions. While learning to include the body as a healing partner my clients take an active role in developing the balance, resilience, and resources that make transformation possible. From a deeper presence in the body emerges the capacity to face challenges while remaining grounded and focused. The depth and breadth of renewed aliveness replaces the need to be numb to life. This work supports a compassionate self image and lays the foundation for a future filled with possibility. My approach is compatible with all medical treatments. Please visit my web site for more information: www.tobeawellb

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SE™ Practitioner

Professional Title:

Healing Facilitator

Professional Certifications:

M.Ed., Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Tibetan Cranial® Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Post Advanced Certificates:

Touch Skills Training

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(805) 215-9716


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(805) 215-9716


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(805) 528-2324


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