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Shari Azar

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247 Charlotte Street Suite 204
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801
United States of America

About Shari Azar

Shari Azar is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Nationally Certified and North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and Movement Artist/Educator. She has maintained SOMA (Studio of the Moving Arts) for over 15 years, integrating SE, bodywork and the movement arts to facilitate the journey towards wholeness, creative embodiment and the recovery from symptoms such as anxiety and panic attacks, depression, post traumatic stress, unresolved pain syndromes, insomnia, headaches and gastrointestinal problems. She works with accidents, falls, injuries, medical/surgical procedures, abuse and other traumatic events that prevent a person from living a full, authentic and empowered life. Grounded in the present moment, Shari facilitates a person’s restoration of a calm, resilient and vital sense of well-being while creating a safe, compassionate and nurturing space that allows for the discovery of the body’s innate language and wisdom. Shari is an SE training assistant with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and is an Approved Session Provider for Beginning & Intermediate Level students. She is a BASE (Bodywork and Somatic Education) Practitioner , has completed the 2 year Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe) with Dr. Diane Poole Heller) and has received additional advanced training with Dr. Raja Selvam. Additionally, she has studied Sensory Integration and Affect Regulation with Ana do Valle and Dr. Robert Scaer, Pre and Perinatal Birth Process Workshop with Ray Castellino and Developmental Movement Patterning with the Body Mind Centering School.Her work is informed by her practices and studies of Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Dance, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Massage/bodywork and Neuromuscular Therapies. She has taught Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology at the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Weaverville, NC and at the Hartford Conservatory in Hartford, CT. Shari is also a Movement/Theatre artist and Co-Founder of the Somatic Arts Collective, a collaborative group of professionals committed to the exploration of the body as a source of healing and creative process.
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  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Grief and Loss
  • Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
  • Medical Procedure Trauma
  • Prenatal/Birth Trauma
  • Adults abused as children
  • Complex PTSD
  • Developmental Trauma

SE Level

SE™ Practitioner – SE™ Assistant

Professional Title:

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Nationally Certified and North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Movement Artist/Educator

Professional Certifications:

SEP, LMBT, NCBTMB,Certified Yoga Instructor

Post Advanced Certificates:

BASE Practitioner (Bodywork and Somatic Education for trauma therapists)

Business Phone

(828) 230-7739


Mobile Phone

(828) 230-7739


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Contact Shari Azar by phone: (828) 230-7739 or by the SE™ Practitioner Contact Form to schedule a session.